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Classic Ways to Buy or Refinance Your Mortgage

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FHA Loan

FHA loans offer homeowners attractive interest rates with less demanding and more flexible requirements, such as credit scores, than conventional loans.

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VA Loan

The VA home loan program provides qualified homeowners with the opportunity to take advantage of the numerous benefits they have earned through their military service.

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Conventional Loan

Conventional loans continue to maintain their reputation of being a safe type mortgage loan and should be an option for borrowers with good or excellent credit.

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Get to Know Your Home Loan Options

There’s a lot to consider when making the decision to refinance your home. With the help of our dedicated loan officers to our online information center, we’re here to help answer your questions about your multiple home loan options. Our featured loan options include:


Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate Mortgage


Conventional Purchase and Refinaning


FHA Purchase and Refinancing


VA Purchase and Refinancing

Lower Monthly Payments

Whether you are looking to increase your cash flow or switch to a better interest rate, refinancing may be a desirable way to save money each month.

Pay off Your Loan Fast

Changing the terms of your loan may give you the capability to pay off your mortgage sooner. By doing so, you can lower the total amount of interest you’re paying on your home.

Take Cash Out

If you have equity available in your home, taking cash out adds to your mortgage, but provides you with supplemental funds to use how you wish.

Find The Loan That's Right FOR YOU

Mid-Continent Funding offers mortgage products for home buyers. Working alongside several of today’s lenders gives us the capability to offer products that allow borrowers:


Minimum down payments


First time buyer benefits


Program options for high debt-to-income ratios and low credit


Refinancing opportunities


To lower your monthly payments


0% down on home loans (for qualified VA loan borrowers)


Competitive interest rates


Elimination of monthly mortgage payments*


Flexible funds for retirement

Home Loans Made Easy
We Do What It Takes

Finding the right loan involves working with a company who can help you understand how all the products, costs and interest rates will impact your monthly payments and future. The home loan process just got easier with Mid-Continent Funding. When you decide to work with us you get:

Dedicated Support Team

Our home loan specialists have the experience and skills to help you from application to close. We are committed to finding and providing you with a financial solution, frequent loan updates and quick home loan financing.

Exclusive Rates

Working with multiple lenders gives us access to leading mortgage interest rates. With consistently competitive rates, you will not need to go far to find the perfect loan for your financial situation.

Industry leading experts

We want to make sure you have all the details and information you need to make the right decision. Our experts will do everything they can to make you feel comfortable and confident along the entire mortgage loan process.

Finding the Right Home Loan

Everyone is different, but it’s easy to find out what your personal home loan and mortgage interest rate preferences are. Mid-Continent Funding can help you refinance your mortgage to help save you money or help you buy your first home.


A Federally insured mortgage loan provided by one of our FHA-approved lenders with flexible loan requirements.


A loan not insured by a government agency but follows Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Guidelines for borrowers with excellent credit.

VA Loans

A loan for veterans and current military personnel seeking to use the benefits they have earned through their service.